Best X Men Movie Poll

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Which of these 2000s superhero movies will you most likely remember? The franchise took this step forward by looking to its past, specifically the mysterious background of its.

Amazing SpiderMan 25 by Steve Ditko. First appearance

She started out as a bit character in his hellfire club stories in the '80s.

Best x men movie poll. In honor of this franchise landmark, we decided to look back at where it’s been, from the hit 2000 original through subsequent sequels and standalone features. It doesn't mean they were a saint, it just means that, as best they could, they believed in xavier's vision. In honor of the new installment.

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I don’t know why he is not in the cast list but he is definitely in the movie and he got lines. First class (50 votes) deadpool (50 votes) … I suggest to remove cable from your poll and add deadpool 2 to the juggernaut entry.

1990s <<< also vote on best superhero movie >>> 2010s after voting, you may discuss the poll here. Apocalypsehit theaters this weekend, making it the ninth movie in the superhero franchise in the past 16 years. That cast list needs to be revised.

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There way and a deadpool and new mutants movies in discussion i wanted to find out what. The best 2000s superhero movie a new millennium brought a new, darker and more provoking perspective on a genre that many people thought was all but out of cinematic gas. It also doesn't help that he never did anything as cool as he did in the movies in the pages of the comics.

Trying to get as much people as possible to do this!

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