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This marvel of a movie lives up to its buzz as an. He's got the charm, the smoothness, and there's a certain earnestness to his performance.

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I love ewan mcgregor in this film, i think he's a perfect lead.

Big fish movie review. Big fish premiered on december 4, 2003 at the hammerstein ballroom and was released in theaters on december 10, 2003 by columbia pictures. There area a few swear words (b*tich, sh*t) but if you do watch if with younger kids there is a reference to the fact that santa claus & Introducing them to some of the most beautiful, still unexplored fishing destinations the world has to offer.

In this whopper of a tall tail, fish become human and humans become fish … and a man learns to love his father in a way he’s never been able to before. Edward bloom loves telling stories. ''big fish'' is simply put a great film, it has everything to succeed as a heartwarming and charming, emotional yet funny, family film.

From his son's point of view, edward bloom's timing is off. It's about all kinds of stories, from the first stories whispered by a father to a sleepy child to the stories a son tells his father to comfort him as he nears death. The story follows a son who seeks to separate truth from fiction in his father's tall tales.

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But for one listener, those tall tales are just too much. Big fish is a wonderful movie but for older family members. It garnered positive reviews from critics, and was a box office hit, grossing $122.

Big fish is a wondrous and fantastical film from tim burton. Big fish, skillfully adapted by john august from the 1998 novel by daniel wallace, brims with storytelling sorcery, and burton makes it glitter. A frustrated son tries to determine the fact from fiction in his dying father's life.

Big fish is the enchanting story of a father and son, but it's really the story of stories themselves. Big fish is the most i have connected to a tim burton movie thus far, and while i still don't think it's quite as good as sweeney todd, it is truly great, and it's definitely a personal favorite. Big fish really belongs to albert finney, who proves that when it comes to large performances there is no one who can quite match a british shakespearean with good camera sense.

Big fish's content is pretty mixed for this type of film. Tim burton has created a timeless classic for adults that will reel you in with a hook of. Acquaintances hang on his every word.

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With ewan mcgregor, albert finney, billy crudup, jessica lange. Albert finney, who can be the most concise of actors, can also, when required, play a tireless blowhard, and in big fish, his character. For edward bloom (ewan mcgregor/albert finney), every incident in his life has been carefully cultivated and fed until it grows into a fish story worthy of hooking any audience’s attention.

Featuring ewan mcgregor, helena bonham. There is some brief nudity, naked mermaid shown from the back, then an underwater scene with a brief naked woman swimming by. Big fish (film) questions and answers.

Big fish was shot on location in alabama in a series of fairy tale vignettes evoking the tone of a southern gothic fantasy. The theme of ''big fish,'' adapted by john august from the novel by daniel wallace, is the transforming, sometimes bewildering power of the imagination, which would seem to be a natural subject. Big fish opened in limited release last month and goes nationwide on.

Read the empire movie review of big fish. And he’s good at it, too. The question and answer section for big fish (film) is a great resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel.

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Tim burton may be the biggest name attached to big fish, but its really screenwriter john augusts' movie, as he masterfully adapts a book about storytelling into a movie about storytelling with ease. Being a big fish—even in a small pond—takes a great deal of effort. He spent the years before his son's birth having amazing adventures and meeting unforgettable characters, and the years after the birth, telling his stories to his son, over and over and over again.

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