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Not only is the film the director’s best work since his undervalued a perfect world, it’s also one of the most spiritually profound works to come out of the hollywood studio system in quite some time.mystic river shares more than a passing resemblance to alejandro. Sean penn delivers one of his strongest performances and wins his first oscar.

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Mystic river movie review. June 15, 2004 link copied. Dave's car had been impounded because of the blood stains in the front seat. It is not even past, said william faulkner, and that sentiment certainly applies to director clint eastwood's acclaimed intimate epic mystic river.the film is a mournful and effective murder mystery, but beyond that, it is a wrenching character study and a trenchant exploration of the dark themes that have been prevalent in eastwood's work throughout the later part of.

Jimmy and sean are boyhood friends who ended up on opposite sides. Where mystic river also shines is with its fine and large supporting cast. Also, dave lies repeatedly about where he was the night of katie’s murder and how he was wounded.

Mystic river is an excellent movie based on the novel of the same name. Then it’s on to grabbing audiences who aren’t scared off by the twisted side of human nature. With sean penn, tim robbins, kevin bacon, emmy rossum.

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Mystic river, cert 15 peter bradshaw friday 17 october 2003. Driven apart by a childhood trauma, three men meet again when jimmy's daughter is murdered, cop sean investigates and loner dave emerges as a likely suspect. Mystic river has the coveted opening spot at the esteemed new york film festival on october 3rd.

Mystic river is one of the most harrowing and powerful movies to come out of hollywood in the past ten years. A lifetime of history in the same place has all of the characters overlapping, intersecting, and echoing each other's lives. The lives of three men who were childhood friends are shattered when one of them has a family tragedy.

…mystic river is the rare american movie that aspires to—and achieves—the full weight and darkness of tragedy… a.o. Mystic river has big, serious star power and big, serious themes; Mystic river and unforgiven are my two favorite clint eastwood films and depending on which one i see last i tend to put in first place.

The past is not dead; The film is anchored by a strong cast containing some of the best actors of he past 20 years. Mystic river has only one misstep, and that occurs at the conclusion (and is reflective of problems with the book's final pages).

The movie could have used more scenes like this with jimmy's family to delineate better for the audience what kind of father and husband jimmy is.the humanist worldview of mystic river appears to take the position that past traumatic events and tragic coincidences can shape people's lives, even though people also have a responsibility as to how. Laurence fishburne gets notice as sean's partner, whitey powers. There are moments of power and flickers of meaning, but it is ultimately hollow and unsatisfying.

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It involves three boyhood friends in an irish neighborhood of boston, who were forever marked when one of them was captured by a child molester; Mystic river’s subject matter (child molestation and murder, loneliness, grief, emotional abuse, revenge and vigilantism) isn’t negative per se, but the film fixates and stares for so long and so intently that it becomes unhealthy. Clint eastwood's mystic river is a dark, ominous brooding about a crime in the present that is emotionally linked to a crime in the past.

A review of the 2003 movie mystic river directed by clint eastwood and starring sean penn on the 20/20 movie reviews website. Eastwood directs mystic river with an invigorated grace and gravitas. Instead of ending cleanly, at the point when everything is in place for the rolling of the credits, the movie drags on for two unfortunate, unnecessary scenes.

Mystic river takes a final explosive turn into a complex double denouement that involves both the gun as a murder weapon and an explanation of the suspicious activities of dave boyle the night of katie's murder. Right now i’m inclined to declare mystic river as eastwood’s best film, but that is subject to change anytime (perhaps even before i finish writing this review). Mystic river critics consensus anchored by the exceptional acting of its strong cast, mystic river is a somber drama that unfolds in layers and conveys the tragedy of its story with visceral power.

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Marcia gay harden gives a notable performance as dave's wife celeste, who is a catalyst for the events that transpire. As adults, their lives have settled into uneasy routines that are interrupted by the latest tragedy. At the beginning of clint eastwood's mighty ''mystic river,'' which will open the new york film festival tonight and be released nationwide on wednesday, the camera drifts down from its aerial.

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