Space Cowboys Movie Review

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November 15, 2000 00:00 by alexander walker starring : They made a lot of the usual mistakes, which i'll mention briefly below.

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W ho would have thought that a geriatric movie could have been so much fun?

Space cowboys movie review. Space cowboys was well received by critics. And that's exactly what fuels this movie's climactic segments. 'space cowboys' is a fun, lighthearted movie, which makes it a departure for clint eastwood, at least compared to his recent cheery movies like 'mystic river' and 'million dollar baby.' though it is a given that your grandparents will enjoy this film, you might be surprised how accessible and entertaining it is for all ages.

The premise is 4 guys get canned before they can go to space and the finally get a chance to active their dream 40 years later. The four members of air force team daedalus were slated to comprise the first us “outer atmosphere exploration” mission in 1958. Clint eastwood, tommy lee jones, donald sutherland, james garner, james cromwell, marcia gay harden, william devane, loren dean director:

It's always great to see actors with such long, great careers still working and being so entertaining. His original team goes into space with. Ken kaufman, howard klausner director of photography:

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When retired engineer frank corvin (clint eastwood) is called upon to rescue a failing satellite, he insists that his equally old teammates accompany him into space. Space cowboys is another entertaining, fairly exciting movie from clint eastwood, although it is not among his best. Space cowboys movie reviews & metacritic score:

You could line up the jokes from here to the moon. Space cowboys isn’t necessarily solely about space. *space cowboys* is a clint eastwood movie, therefore to critique its unrealistic plot is moot.

While the plot is overly cliched, the suberb acting by the stars (especially the tense interactions between clint eastwood and tommy lee jones) and the spectacular. The astronomy of space cowboys. In the 1950's, one of the first satellites was launched.

In fact, the one and only thing this movie did perfect was the cast. Frank corvin, hawk hawkins, jerry o'neill and tank sullivan were hotdog members of project daedalus, the air force's. Although their cocky, nonconformist attitudes kept the quartet out of the space program in the 1960s, their specialized knowledge about the workings of a damaged russian satellite unexpectedly enables them, late in their lives, to get another chance to go into space.

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The film stars veteran actors clint eastwood, tommy lee jones, donald sutherland, and james garner as our motley bunch. Clint eastwood has been stuck in this rut for a while. To be honest, there wasn't a lot of actual astronomy in the movie, but there was a lot of space action.

Space cowboys spends too little time in space and not enough time with the four actors bantering back and forth. With clint eastwood, tommy lee jones, donald sutherland, james garner. Space cowboys is armageddon on geritol.

Surprisingly, the physics of space travel was fairly realistic in the movie. Space cowboys uses technology that is currently available, and, as an engineer, i didn't notice any obvious goofs. Clint eastwood, tommy lee jones, donald sutherland and james garner

Today, it is malfunctioning and threatening the earth, and the original astronaut (eastwood) is asked. It’s about eastwood, garner, sutherland, and jones showing us. The website's critical consensus reads, while the plot is overly clichéd, the superb acting by the stars (especially the tense interactions between clint eastwood and tommy lee jones) and.

4 old timers reunite in order to fulfill their long awaited dream of going to space to fix a russian communications satellite that's heading to earth. Although laced with lots of foul language to cover the sentiment in the story with a macho sheen, the movie’s tale of heroism and sacrifice has a symbolic christian motif that gives it a mild christian worldview. It’s about a bunch of old prolific actors having a good time.

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Space cowboys is a space travel film, along the lines of marooned, the right stuff and apollo 13. Space cowboys may not be the best space flick , but the charisma from clint eastwood , tommy lee jones and the rest of the cast is enough to make this millenium film worthy enough for a watch. Read the empire movie review of space cowboys.

Rotten tomatoes gives it a score of 78% based on reviews from 119 critics, with an average rating of 6.72/10.

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